Our Story

Modern Smart Homes was started by 5 partners who have a passion for modern design and living, as well as decades of experience in architecture, design, interior design and construction. The goal of MSH is to fully support the client in building or renovating their modern home. By offering expertise in each phase of the project, MSH seamlessly leads a client from selecting a property or deciding to renovate, completely through to the end of construction. MSH takes the burden off the homeowner and provides services including site selection, architecture, contracting, interior design, and landscape architecture. Navigating through this process can be a demanding and burdensome task. The team at MSH will coordinate all aspects required for a successful project and will lead the homeowner seamlessly through the process to
live smart.

live smart.

Smart Design
Smart Nature
Smart Construction
Smart Systems
Smart design begins with how you want to live. This is your daily life and interaction with other people. It is a combination of public and private places. It is the connections from indoor to outdoor. It is natural light and ventilation. The house can be a retreat away from the rest of the world and still be very connected to the surroundings. It is private but not walled isolation to shut everything out.
Smart design builds upon what nature is already giving. We know the angle of the sun every day of the year at every point on the earth. We know we can bring the heat of the sun inside in the winter and keep it out in the summer. We know prevailing winds, the site orientation, heat rises, cold air falls, mass holds heat, the ground is constant temperature etc. The smart house will respond to these and exploit the positive attributes and minimize the negative in each season.
Smart construction is achieved through finding the most sustainable, efficient way to construct the home with durable long lasting integrity. This is achieved by reducing construction waste or employing different framing techniques. It can also be achieved by using construction materials that are local, made of recycled content, moisture resistant, or have high insulation values. The construction of the house must be consistent with the design integrity. Design, durability and cost are analyzed and a decision is made based on value.
Smart systems is the functioning technology in the house. We analyze the heating and cooling systems, lighting controls, drainage, electrical supply, water usage, and the availability of wind or solar. These systems may include geothermal, radiant floors, solar panels, rain water gardens, gray water toilets, low flow faucets, energy star appliances, windmills, etc. Each site is unique and will require distinct systems. We will pursue the most cost effective and reliable technology for each property.