Services & Process


The MSH Collection
Pre-designed modern floor plans that are fully designed from the exterior materials thru the interior materials even down the selection of the kitchen faucets. They are green, energy efficient, modern designed, sustainable houses. They can be purchased and built on your property. They can be customized to meet an owners specific needs.
Custom Homes
Designed specifically for an owner’s needs and site conditions.
Full Home Renovation
The reconfiguring of an existing home to create a modern lifestyle. This may include different portions of the house and or additions.
Interior Design
All of the details of the home from the aesthetic to the practical. Work includes all the finishes for flooring, wall surfaces, lighting design, kitchen and bathroom design, furniture selections, color, artwork etc.


1. Contact MSH
Call or email us to set up a time to meet and talk about your goals, learn more about who you are and you can learn more about who we are. If the project is a match then we would prepare a proposal to begin the development of the project.
2. MSH Proposal
MSH will prepare a proposal outlining the steps of the project and associated fees. The proposal will typically be broken down in the different phases of the project including programming, site analysis, preliminary design, design development, interior design, construction documents, pricing, permitting, construction, delivery.
3. Programming
Once we are approved to begin the project, our first priority is to meet again and to learn more about you and how you want to live. This is typically one of the most important phases of the project. If we can fully understand your dreams and visions for how you want to live then we can develop a project that 100% fits you. we want to understand all the details from what you do in the morning when you wake up, how you want to interact with your family and guests, what you do in your spare time, what images or space you have seen and like etc.
4. Site Analysis
Weather it is a new home or renovation of an existing, our next step will be to start the site analysis. We say start because this is a process that continues thru the design. This will include studying and documenting all of the physical characteristics of the property including terrain, foliage, views, property orientation, surrounding properties and structures etc. The correct positioning and orientation of the spaces is critical to a projects success.

5. Preliminary Design
We now begin the preliminary design process which is the start of developing the site plan and house plans. We are very interactive in this phase. After we have had time analyze and develop the project we will meet to present an average of 3-4 different design concepts to review with you. during the initial meetings we will be presenting rough concepts of the plans, site plans, preliminary 3d massing images and sketches. At each successive meeting we will begin to narrow in on the design and refine the images. The result of the preliminary design phase will be an approved floor plan, interior or exterior sketches and site plan.
6. Design Development
During this phase we will develop the preliminary design into a more detailed set. This will include developing more details for kitchens and closets and bathrooms, developing the character of the home with more refined sketches and 3d computer imaging. The 3d computer modeling will allow you to view the project from any angel on the exterior or interior as if you were standing in the rooms. This is where the project really comes alive especially for people who do not see architectural floor plans well.
7. Interior Design
The interior design will overlap the Preliminary Design, Design Development and the Construction Documents. As the project is being developed, the interior aesthetics and quality of the spaces will become more and more visible. The 3d capabilities will allow you to see what the spaces will look like including surfaces, textures, furniture, lighting etc.
8. Construction Drawings
MSH will coordinate all of the construction drawings that are required for permitting, bidding and construction. This is the main production phase of the project that includes the architectural drawings, structural engineering, landscape, site work, heating and cooling, electrical, interior finishes etc. Everything that is required to construct the project will be completed in this phase.

9. Pricing
Based on the delivery method chosen, the construction documents will be used for final pricing. MSH will work with the owner on any contract negotiations and reviews.
10. Permitting
Each city, village, township has its own process of approval. We will prepare the documents and attend meetings as required for the approval of building permits. Some areas have a design review board process, some have building permit application and review while some rural areas still only have a septic system review.
11. Construction
MSH can act as your agent thru the entire construction process based on the delivery method chosen.
12. Delivery
In the end, we always want to be involved in the final review of the construction prior to you moving in. We are very particular about the details and making sure you receive exactly what you were expecting. Our work is not completed until that happens.

Delivery Options

Option 1
MSH as contractor
MSH can be the contractor to do the construction work. We will have a construction manager who is responsible for bidding the project to the subcontractors, scheduling the construction, overseeing the field work, quality control etc. this will include every aspect form putting the shovel in the ground thru making sure all the windows are washed prior to moving in.
Option 2
MSH bids the project to selected general contractors
MSH can coordinate all of the required documents for construction and then send the project out to selected general contractors for bidding. The General contractor will be responsible for the construction of the home with MSH acting as the owners agent verifying that the project meets the design criteria and quality specified.
Option 3
Design Build
The design build approach is when a builder is chosen during the design of the home to be a part of the team. The goal of this approach is to have the builder prepare preliminary pricing during the design phases of the project so the homeowner has a good idea of costs during the process instead of waiting to the end. With this approach decisions can be made during the design phases to meet the owner’s budget.
Option 4
Homeowner is the contractor
The homeowner may have experience in construction or know a lot of the trades they would like to use on the project. They can take the lead in this phase with MSH supporting as required.